What is MusicHub•LIVE?

A professional live streaming company that utilizes the most current equipment and software.  Each live performance is captured and streamed by our quality sound and video engineers.

This company was born out of the necessity to lift up musicians that have been hit hard by the recent pandemic.  Most musicians have had the majority of their gigs cancelled locally and world wide.  While few have been able to livestream through their mobile phones to keep their audiences happy some still struggle with the technology and the online shows have been relatively flat with less than desired sound quality.

We are offering an upgrade to the selfie stick styled live streams.  Our solution incorporates multi-camera video and multi-track mixed audio so that your best foot is put forward for your audience.  Each show is professionally produced.  You have the ability to schedule dedicated shows and put out a virtual tip jar or perform live stream concerts and sell tickets in advance.  You can even get inventive and acquire a sponsor and we will run the sponsors video commercials during your breaks.  This gives the sponsor access to your specific audience and keeps the business local which helps everyone out.

Here is our one big ask, we would like you to pick out a non-profit charity or foundation to give a little back.  An organization that means something to you or a loved one.  During your show we would like you to say something about the organization.  All you have to do is explain to people why it’s important to you and let them know what percentage of the ticket sales or tips you are going to donate.

Streaming your talent to the world and staying relevant.

Our mission is to deliver professional streaming and recording services for guest artists and to inspire creative moments that transcends a higher power.

Stream On Location!

We bring the live stream gear and engineer to your location and live stream your show.  Our engineer will show up with multiple cameras and audio connection to your system.  If you need us to bring out and audio mixer we also have that available.  We will need access to your or the venues high speed internet.  Preferably a hard wire connection to their router for best signal streaming quality.  We will bring a cable to connect to them.  We typically site check the venue well in advance of your show to ensure things run smoothly.

Stream In Studio!

Don’t have any venue gigs or a good place to stream?  No worries we have you covered.  Our dedicated live stream studio in Traverse City is set up and waiting for your talent.  We have a full multi-track recording facility, with a 7ft Steinway piano, Drums, and protective glass shields to distance singers and wind instrument players.  We also have theater lighting installed to set up just about any mood or vibe you would like.  If you don’t want to stream and just record that’s fine with us.  You record and we will record multi-camera shots and in post production make you a few videos to promote your recordings.

Who can utilize live streaming with post production capabilities?

Singers • Bands • Musicians • Actors • Dancers • Theaters • Charities • Corporations

Client Testimonials

Your live streaming team did an excellent job at our community talk on Saturday!  Thank you!!
Everyone that I spoke to that tuned in online for the live streaming was able to hear the talk very well over the internet and the picture was great, as well!
Please thank your team for their very professional work!  Thank you for providing us with a copy of the talk.  We have been given permission by our speaker to post it on our church website and it can be found on YouTube.   We are grateful to you for working with us as a non-profit church organization.  It means a lot to us with our modest budget!! 🙂   We would very much like to work with you and your company again and will touch base when our plans unfold for the next event later this year!  Your professional videography /live streaming talents have helped to extend the reach of this inspiring message far beyond what we will ever know.
Joan Sturmer, First Church of Christ, Scientist - Traverse City
Many, many thanks for the fine work on the video you did of Bruce and his tour at the Music House.  He probably told you that this was done as an accommodation to  Dr. Bradley Taylor, now retired from the museum dept. at U of M, as a program for the lunch lecture series at his church in A2.  I participated in the zoom meeting yesterday, as did Bruce and a couple other Board members.  The program was very well received ,and the video was great.  Most of the 50 or so viewers had not been to the museum, and I am sure we are going to get some donations and foot traffic as a result.
If you and the rest of your company ever need references for your work, don’t hesitate to ask any of us.
We look forward to continued collaborations in the years to come.
Gratefully yours,
MHM Board President
Dorothy Clore, Music House Museum

East Bay Drive featuring Rhett & John

How Deep is Your Love | Bee Gees | Cover

East Bay Drive featuring Elizabeth Sexton Rivers on Vocals

Hey Little Man | Bonnie Raitt | Original

East Bay Drive featuring Laurie Sears on Sax

Never Can Say Goodbye | Clifton Davis | Cover

East Bay Drive featuring Elizabeth Sexton Rivers on Vocals

I Can’t Make You Love Me | Bonnie Raitt | Cover

East Bay Drive featuring Laurie Sears on Sax

Maputo | Marcus Miller | David Sanborn | Bob James | Cover

East Bay Drive

Blues Force | Fourplay | Larry Carlton | Cover