Space Dedicated to Creating Music

We are offering an upgrade to the selfie stick styled live streams. Our solution incorporates multi-camera video and multi-track mixed audio so that your best foot is put forward for your audience. Each show is professionally produced. You have the ability to schedule dedicated shows and put out a virtual tip jar or perform live stream concerts and sell tickets in advance.

You can even get inventive and acquire a sponsor and we will run the sponsors video commercials during your breaks. This gives the sponsor access to your specific audience and keeps the business local which helps everyone out.

What Music Hub Offers

Music Hub is a development incubator in the field of music. It is a space providing the artists with many opportunities; Ultimately, musicians can expect the Music Hub to offer:

  • rehearsal rooms for small and larger bands,
  • storehouse for equipment and instruments,
  • workshop space,
  • recording studios (located in the building and mobile).